D-TA Systems Corporation serves the radio, radar, communications, sonar and test and measurement applications for the defense, aerospace and wireless markets. D-TA's mandate is to drastically reduce the deployment time and cost. D-TA has addressed that mandate by offering reconfigurable box-level COTS solutions that provide end-to-end coverage, including RF, IF, Acoustic Signal Conditioning, FPGA processing, high-speed networks, real-time recording and playback, and multi-core software processing. D-TA has also pioneered 10 Gigabit Sensor processing that offers virtually limitless scalability and "future-proof" solutions

D-TA's 10 Gigabit Sensor Processing implementation sustains data throughput rate close to the line rate and offers virtually limitless scalability and fully synchronous operation irrespective of the number of networks (fibers) used. The use of optical fibers allows separation of signal acquisition and processing over long distances, permitting signal digitization close to the sensors.

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